Dental Hygiene

Our dental professionals are dedicated to providing advanced family and cosmetic dentistry for every major dental need. With her artistic background, Dr. McBeth is committed “to make the difference” in creating beautiful smiles in a caring and trusting atmosphere.

The basis of sound dental care is regular dental maintenance. We customize your recare schedule based on your periodontal (gum and bone) health. Our hygiene team is educated in the latest techniques and products to make your oral health the best it can be. Research has shown that the oral cavity is the gateway to the rest of the body – what is present in the mouth can be reflected in other areas of the body. A healthy mouth is the basis for a healthy body. A complete understanding of your oral health will be obtained during your initial visit and at all future appointments. This evaluation will involve charting of the existing restorations (fillings), pockets (periodontal evaluation) and other diagnostic evaluations as needed, along with any patient education that is desired.

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