Periodontal Treatment

Periodontal disease occurs as a result of infections caused by plaque buildup in the supporting tissues surrounding the teeth.

Traditional Dental Bridges

Periodontics addresses issues specifically pertaining to the gums.  Buildups of plaque or bacteria forming on the teeth is the primary culprit of gum disease, where gums can become inflamed or infected–often after being neglected.  In some cases, gum disease can cause the tissue to separate from the teeth and form what is referred to as a ‘pocket’.  These pockets become havens for bacteria to breed, and if left unattended can lead to bone/tissue damage or tooth loss.

Prevention and Maintenance

Gingivitis is one of the first stages of gum disease.  It causes bleeding of the gums, which appear red and swollen. Fortunately, when gum disease is caught in the early stages, it can be reversed with proper care and dental hygiene. Regular brushing, flossing, and swishing, as well as attention paid to healthy diets and dental habits can help reverse the effects of gum disease before it becomes chronic.  At Bettina McBeth DMD, we offer a litany of treatments for periodontal disease, including medical gels, prescription mouthwash, and scaling techniques in the office. Our dental hygiene team is committed to educating our patients on the treatment and prevention of periodontal disease.

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Advanced Periodontitis

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